Uninstall the old office and put in place the new office365

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To start off you will need to start on your computer 

 Then Search Control Panel

Then you should see this



Then click open or you can click the control panel app at the top under best match. Then you will see this Below.


From the screen above you can configure lots of settings but today you will need to look at Programs click programs


Then on the next screen under programms and features click the uninstall a program which will be highlighted in blue


You will then come to a screen like this below

To uninstall Microsoft office Microsoft Professional plus 2016 it says 2019 on my laptop as it’s a newer copy but it should be the same process regardless then highlight the programme and click uninstall 




You will then see a box like this Click yes


Once this is done you will come to a screen like this

Then click uninstall

It will then prompt you to close any open documents on your computer and save you work then click continue


Then all you need to do is wait and this will take Microsoft office off your computer whilst this is happening we will need to open up your browser on your computer and navigate to Portal.office.com and you will appear on the home screen. This is shown below

Installing Office 365

You will notice a little button called install office on your screen click

You can see a drop down box has appeared click office 365  apps

You will come to a screen like this and office will start to download

You then need to go to your download folder you then need to go to the start menu and start typing Downloads

Click open arrow insert here

Once you have typed it in click open or click Downloads under best matched you will then see the file browser open and at the top you will see office setup at the top of you display click on it .

Insert click arrow here

You will then see this screen appear again and click yes

Then this screen will appear

Microsoft Office will install automatically now all you need to do is grab a coffee and wait.

You will then get a screen like this

Activating Office

Then what we need to do is activate the office is go into each and every office app this is such as PowerPoint,Word,Excel,Publisher and enter our school email address so now we go to the search bar and type in word.

Once you enter your email you will have activated Microsoft office on your computer

Congratulations you have installed Microsoft office on your computer

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