FAQ - Returning after your project

Modified on Thu, 13 Apr 2023 at 06:43 PM

We know it can be daunting returning to work after a break, and finding an IT upgrade has taken place, and you need to setup your system just the way you like it. Our cloud migrations are designed to be as painfree as possible, and we have put together answers to frequently asked questions below:


I can't log on

  • When moving to the cloud, you will now need to use your Microsoft 365 login for your devices and systems.
  • Usually, these don't change - and if they do, you will be told. We provide our key contact at the school with a list of all usernames and passwords if they are changing
  • If you have forgotten your username and password, give us a call on 0333 111 0004 - please be prepared to answer security questions.

I can't find my data

  • We will have migrated your my documents into your OneDrive. You will need to login to your OneDrive - you can do this by searching for OneDrive from the start menu, or clicking on the blue cloud near the clock.
  • Any shared drives will be mapped, using Cloud Drive Mapper - they will look like your old shared drives - but they point to your SharePoints.
  • If you can't see the right shares - then you may need to ask for access. We try to map users to the same access they had before, but if it's not there, please just let us know via a ticket or a call.
  • You don't need to login to Office365 to upload or download documents. Everything on your device is backed up to your OneDrive, or SharePoints apart from your Downloads Folder. This is not backed up. 
  • If you have moved to a new Office365 tenancy you may not be able to find Microsoft Forms, OneNote or Teams - depending on what your school has agreed to migrate, these are not migrated as standard.
  • If you backed your favourites up or have a google account, you can export/import your favourites back into Edge.

I can't print

  • You will now need to use Printix to print. Printix will launch when you logon, and you will need to add the printers in a different way to normal. You may also need to use your photocopiers in a slightly different way.
  • Read: How to Print with PrintixAdding printers using Printix 

I don't have access to my...

  • Email accounts - I used to be able to access other mailboxes
    • Please log a ticket, and we will restore access for you
  • Shared Drives/SharePoint Sites
  • Sharing Links
    • These sometimes change when data gets migrated, the document owner can reshare it with you.
  • Microsoft Forms, OneNote, Sways or Teams
    • These are not migrated as standard. We can migrated forms manually, on request - and schools can opt to move teams.

Why can't I?

  • Use Google Chrome or any other browser?
    • Microsoft Edge uses the same coding as Google Chrome, but it integrates with filtering and your work Microsoft Accounts, therefore to ensure safeguarding and security, we only support Edge.
  • Use memory sticks?
    • Memory sticks, even encrypted ones pose risks in terms of cyber security, data security and GDPR. With access to over 1TB of data storage anywhere, anytime on multiple devices - these risks are no longer required.
  • Access shared links
    • On some migrations these cannot be retained, as the data has moved. Please ask the document/folder owner to reshare

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