Arbor - Uploading Staff Photos

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In Arbor, you may wish to upload profile pictures of staff so that they can be identified by their face in case others did not know their name. It also provides a more complete profile of the person. 
You will require the relevant permissions for uploading staff photos before proceeding.

Updating Photos Individually

To update photos individually, search for the staff member via the Master Search or through the Browse Staff menu.

When the profile loads, click on the profile picture box which for this article has been highlighted for you.

Click Browse and select the picture from the File Explorer.

(All pictures must be in the JPG or JPEG format and be the size of a passport photo.)

Bulk uploading photos

To bulk upload staff photos to Arbor, please see below:

From the Arbor dashboard on the top menu select School -> All Staff -> Bulk Update -> Staff Photos

Put all of your staff photos in a folder on your computer. This is so they are easy to find and in one place. 

On the left you shall see the instructions that Arbor provides for uploading photos. Please ensure that the photos are passport size, a JPG or JPEG format and they are named correctly.

Named correctly means that you have named your photos as one of the following formats:

  • - The Arbor Staff ID which can be found on the staff profile which can be found under the identity section.
  • - The staff number which can be found in the identity section as well.
  • - Their First & Last Name.
  • - Initial & Last Name.

- If you do not have an identifier, you will have to match the photos manually.

To rename a file, navigate to it on your computer and right click it. You should see a rename option.

When you have checked the above, you can click Start New Upload.

You should select a name for the upload you are doing.

Select an identifier which you would like to use, for the purposes of the article I am using "Arbor Staff ID".

In this article I have named the photo 39 because my Arbor Staff ID is 39. This means when I Match Photos, this will link the photo to me automatically. Once you have uploaded your photos, click the green "Match Photos"

Arbor will suggest matches to you based on the picture name. Tick the photos that you would like to mark as complete or change to another staff member.

Click the highlighted blue pencil, to bulk change as complete or reassign. Once all have been completed or reassigned, you can Mark Upload as Complete. 

If you decide to match photos manually, select the photos by ticking them and then click the blue pencil to match to staff.

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