Win 10/11 - I have lost my files

Modified on Thu, 30 May 2024 at 11:58 AM

If you have reported losing your files, please follow this guide to attempt to locate the files and if you cannot, it will provide us with the best chances of locating your files for you. 

What can you do to check for your files

- Check the files around the folder where your files were. (Ask any colleagues if they have moved the files recently, if a shared area.)

- Check your recycle bin. (If OneDrive or Sharepoint)

Check your recycle bin (OneDrive)

- Go to

- Open your OneDrive

Select Recycle Bin on the left to browse through what you have deleted. 

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can select "Second-Stage Recycle Bin". Which may need checking as well.

Check your recycle bin (Sharepoint)

- Go to

- Open Sharepoint and select the Sharepoint where the file was located before.

- Select Recycle Bin.

If the recycle bin and surrounding files have been checked, we may need to review the backups. We will require the following information sent to where there is a form in our portal to log tickets.

Information requiredWhy we require it
Which system the document/file was saved in. (OneDrive, Sharepoint, server documents, server staff share.)So we know which backups system to check.
Where was the document/file saved.
Staff Share -> 2023-2024 -> English -> Unit A
So we know where to look for the file. We need the exact folder to be looking at.
When you last saw the document/file within the stated location.So we can go back far enough in the backups.
What the missing document/file was named.So we can identify the document/file as the right one to restore.

Example report:

My missing folder named "Test folder" was located within student share on the server. It was located in Student Share -> ICT -> Unit A -> Module 3. I last saw the folder within this location about one week ago. 

Any further problems, please visit or call our helpdesk.

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