Cloud Drive Mapper Authentication

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This article will apply to you if your school uses Cloud Drive Mapper. If your school only uses OneDrive, then please refer to our OneDrive articles.
The following article explains how to ensure your Cloud Drive Mapper is running on your computer. This will ensure that you are able to see your mapped drives.

Checking and opening Drives

  1. Locate the Cloud Drive Mapper icon in the system tray which is located on the bottom right of the screen it will appear as a white cloud. If you hover over this, you can see how many drives are being mapped.

2. Right click the Cloud Drive Mapper icon and you are given a choice of a few settings.

Cloud Drives - Allows you to see which drives are currently being mapped with links to open them.

Refresh Settings - Allows you to refresh the mapped drives, if you recently got permissions to view one.

Sign Out - You do not need to use this function.

3. You can also view your mapped drives within File Explorer. This is where you would traditionally have opened your Staff Share, Admin Share and Documents.

Scenarios where Cloud Mapper is not working

When you hover over the Cloud Drive Mapper Icon, you may see an error which you can let us know what is wrong.

CDM No Drives Mapped - Right click the Cloud Drive Mapper icon and select "Authenticate Now". You can sign in with your school email address. If this requests as a one off then this is alright as the system needed to verify you. If you get this every time you sign in, contact 

Licence key is missing - Contact and screenshot the error that you are having. We are able to check the configuration of how the licence key is pushed out.

There is no white cloud icon - Contact  and screenshot the error. This usually indicates that Cloud Drive Mapper is not installed.

Licence could not be verified - Contact  and select About from the menu, screenshot the licence key. This error would indicate an incorrect licence key is entered or the broadband filtering is blocking Cloud Drive Mapper.

Any questions or problems, contact

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