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In Arbor, as well as sending communications, you can log communications. These would be if you sent the student or parents a letter or made a telephone call. Outside of the email, SMS, letter creator or Arbor App.

Student Profile

You can log communications through the Student Profile. You may have made a phone call or sent a letter to a parent, and this may need to be logged for reference.

You can access this by navigating to a student profile -> Communications / Notes -> Log Telephone Call/Log Letter

Another method of logging communications through a student profile is by going to the student profile. Then select the communications & notes from the left menu. This allows you to view communications in relation to the student before you log a new communication.

My Communications

My communications are where you can access communication features in relation to your role as a teacher. This can be accessed from the top menu. 

My Communications screen is where all of your communications are kept if you need to review them or communicate further. You can also initiate logs from here with the orange button in the top right.

All School Communications

If you have the relevant permissions, you will be able to send from all school communications which is a global communication for the school rather than one specific person's profile. Communications may appear here if they are linked to more than one student rather than on the student's profile. As you appear on all school communications, you can use the orange button in the top right to log.

Logging a letter

When logging a letter, a form will appear for you to fill out.

Sender - Log who sent the letter.

Other Sender - Did anyone else need to be logged as a sender or are they not on the sender list.

Recipient - Who is receiving the letter.

Other recipient - Are they not in the recipient list.

Letter date - Date that the letter is dated.

Received date - Date the person received the letter.

Summary - Summary of the letter.

Requires action by - A date that you need to action the letter if required.

You can add attachments such as a copy of the letter below.

Logging a telephone call

When you log a phone call, you will be presented this form to log a telephone call.

Time of call - The date and time that the call was made at.

Call direction - Was the call incoming to the school or outgoing to a person?

Caller - Who was the caller?

Other caller - Was there anyone else on the call?

Caller number - Number of the caller.

Other caller number - Number of any other callers.

Call recipient - Who was the call recipient, was it yourself 

Other recipient - Was there another recipient on the call or is the option not listed.

Recipient number - The phone number of the recipient.

Other recipient number - Other numbers of recipients to log or not listed in the numbers list.

Subject - What was the call about?

Summary - General information about the phone call.

Requires action by - Date if it requires action in the future.

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