Arbor - Recording Absences

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As part of Arbor, your HR may choose to record absences within Arbor for the staff. To keep track of when everyone is out of work.
You need permissions to record and view absences to continue with this article.

To access the absences page, go to the top menu in Arbor. Select School -> All Staff -> Absences

The absences screen will appear, you can then view all the previous staff absences. (Including the ability to filter them with the green filter icon on the left). In the top right you can record a new absence.

Once you click the button to record a new absence, this pop up will appear for you to fill in the fields. Attachments can also be added of any forms which may be relevant and you would like to keep hold of. 

Once you have filled in the form and clicked "Create Staff Absence" in the bottom left of the pop up. You will get page appear which includes all the details you have filled in called the absence details. This can also be accessed by clicking into the person's name on the absences table. 

In the absence details screen you can edit any fields you may need to correct, you can also click in the cover category the classes you would like to arrange cover for.

When you click a lesson to cover from the cover section of Absence Details, you can choose whether to fill in which staff member you require to cover and then select Arrange Cover. 

Alternatively, you can choose to set as 'Cover Not Required'

If you select Request Agreement, the staff member will be notified and will get to choose whether to agree to the cover beforehand.

Absence recording through a staff profile

1. Browse to a staff member's profile.

2. On the left menu of their profile, select Absences. You can then record the absence using the green Record New Absence button in the top right. 

Absence recording through the Cover Dashboard

From the Arbor top menu go to School -> All Staff -> Cover

This will take you to the Cover Dashboard. This allows you to record the absences and print cover slips for the upcoming days. You can see lists of the cover timetable, any unarranged cover which if you click the cover in the list, it will allow you to select a staff member to cover or mark it as not required. Arranged cover and Cover Not Required (Where it has been marked as such)

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